Frequently Asked Questions

How is pricing determined?

We offer flat rate pricing which is determined using multiple variables like number of transactions, number of accounts and number of loans among other things. We want our small business owners to know exactly how much they will be spending on bookkeeping each month which is why we don’t bill hourly. We do offer add-on services like job costing or 1099 filings for a fee. We create individualized monthly or quarterly packages that can change and grow with your business.

How long is an engagement?

All new clients start off with a 3 month engagement. After that time if both parties wish to continue we offer engagements of 3 months, 6 months or a full year. A price reevaluation occurs at the end of each engagement.

Do you offer training?

Absolutely! As former teachers we love to educate. We offer a set-up and training package for new business owners so they can get their business started out on the right foot but who may not have the cash flow to contract the service out. We work training sessions in hour long chunks that are focusing on the Quickbooks tools that benefit your business structure the most.

Do you work remotely or does the client come to you?

We work 100% remotely. While we have on occasion met a local client to get documents, the majority of our clients live all over the country. 

What platforms do you work with?

For the accounting process we use Quickbooks Online exclusively for our clients. We have experience with a large number of third party applications as well, some of the most popular being Square, Stripe and Cardpointe but many other lesser and more niche specific as well. For payroll we partner with ADP but again have experience with a multitude of other platforms as well.

Do I need to clean up my books prior to handing them over to you?

Absolutely not, we are well versed in clean-ups on a set of books and if needed would price a clean-up as part of our proposal. The minimum would be the current fiscal year, but if multi-year clean up is needed we can handle it.

What if services are needed beyond what was agreed upon in the contract?

As your company grows you may find the need to add additional services. All engagements have the option of a reassessment should your needs change. Once informing us of your change in needs, we would present you with a new proposal.